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Ideas in Action
Dec 04

Meet the Ideas Makers: Max

Meet the Ideas Makers

Each month we profile some of the idea’s makers within the Ideas Foundation community.
From young people who have experienced one of our I AM CREATIVE programmes for the
first time; to those that have progressed through the Future Creatives programme and now
have a career in the creative industry.

We want to share their stories and inspire you to become part of a creative community
where anyone with ideas is welcome.

Allow us to introduce you to Max Tyler; Ideas Foundation alumni and now on a scholorship at the School of Communication Arts

How did you first get involved with Ideas Foundation?

My teacher at college knew of the Ideas Foundation and she connected us all with the
organisation to get experience of working on live briefs.

Tell us about your journey with Ideas Foundation.

I completed a live brief in college and my response was the winning idea. In winning the
competition I won a place on the Future Creatives programme. I then went to University to
study graphics, but I wasn’t really enjoying it. I checked my emails one day and saw an
opportunity about an Ideas Foundation workshop at the advertising agency, Ogilvy. I went
to this and it changed my perspective on what I wanted to do. I wasn’t stuck behind a screen
any more, I was able to really create something fun and do something engaging and this
opened my eyes up to a whole new realm. Something called advertising. Ever since going to
this event I’ve had opportunities to go and experience some amazing work places e.g BBH,
Grey, Ogilvy and this really solidified my passion for pursuing this career choice. The offices
were cool, the people were friendly, and it was a nice environment to be in.

How has Ideas Foundation benefitted you?

The ideas foundation has given me an insight into an industry that not a lot of people know
about or how it works. It’s given me opportunities to gain work experience and earn myself
a scholarship at a really great advertising school in London.

How has Ideas Foundation helped you with industry contacts?

I have been involved in opportunities that no one else has access to. The opportunities to
work in some of the agencies they have connections with are very, very hard to organize;
they really do help you get a foot in the door. I now have great connections and contacts,
but they can only give you the opportunity to get in there. It’s up to you to use that time the
best you can to get to know as many people as possible before you leave and make sure
they want to see you again. Just be interested and friendly.

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