Educating a new creative class

Student Resources

Ready to learn more about life in the creative industries? That’s what our toolkit’s for. Get background on the creative industry, prompts and worksheets to try at home, and inspiration from just a few of the big brands that sponsor our projects.

  • Logo Quiz (screen-shot)
    Logo Quiz
    Logos are powerful tools. Can you identify all these?
  • Shot List (screen-shot)
    Shot List
    Check if you know your tracking shot from your high angle.
  • Creative Diversity Report (front cover image)
    Creative Diversity
    Survey showing that the Creative Industries are failing to reflect UK diversity.
  • The C Report (2015-2016) (cover logo image)
    The C Report (2015-2016)
    Annual Review from the Creative Industries Federation, the industry’s national organisation.
  • How to Present (cover image)
    How to Present
    Tips and tricks to help you nail your presentation.
  • Storyboard (blank)
    Blank Storyboard
    Use our storyboard sheet to sketch out your first TV ad.
  • What Are The Creative Industries? (cover image)
    What are the Creative Industries?
    A quick introduction to advertising and the the creative industries.
  • Advertising Agency Roles
    Advertising Agency Roles
    What types of jobs are there in an advertising agency?