“Educating a New Creative Class”
We’re inspiring a new creative class.

The brightest ideas don’t come from one place. Or one type of person.

Creativity doesn’t have a class. But it should have a classroom.

Like most things in the creative industry, our work starts with a brief. We ask big brands and their agencies to give us real creative projects.

Then we pass them on to students aged 13-19 to tackle in class, with teaching support, or on their own, online. When they think they’ve cracked them, they pitch their ideas to chief marketing officers and executive creative directors. It’s scary, but exciting. For many, it’s a chance to present in a way they’ve never presented before, and to think about a career they’ve never considered.

And it’s not just the students who pick up new ideas.

Industry people tell us they’re learning just as much from our students as our students are from them. Teachers who support the programme say they’re more creative in the classroom. And lots of our students are now on the path to a creative career for life. Some have already got jobs.

Here are a few of the big brands and organisations that have sponsored our creative briefs

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