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We’re always busy at the Ideas Foundation, whether it’s with our own Projects, getting involved in supporting others in the creative industry, or working with Government. Whatever it takes to promote practical creativity. Take a look at what we’ve been up to recently, below.

Come down to the Department Store, Brixton, SW9 8FR, this weekend, Saturday 28th, 2pm - 4pm, to see artwork created by students at IF projects throughout the year!

@officialdisruptspace, a Brixton-based artists collective, will also be displaying the Blak Box Art Space exhibition on 28th and 29th August, featuring fine art prints and other work from contemporary Black artists.

If you can't make it to the exhibition, make sure to download the Disrupt Space Arts app developed by @octagonstudio which uses VR and AR technology to provide a virtual gallery experience and make culture accessible any place, any time.

Link in bio for tickets to the IF exhibition

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Do you work as a graphic designer? Or perhaps you'd like to create social media flyers, posters, and videos?

Here are three design-related websites to check out.

Crello is a free visual design tool that allows you to quickly create eye-catching material. Thousands of professional templates are available to download and alter right away.

Canva is a graphic design tool for making social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content. Users can use the templates provided in the app. The platform is free to use, however paid memberships such as Canva Pro and Canva for Enterprise are available for those that want more features. Users can also pay for printed and sent tangible products.

Visme makes it easy to create professional presentations, interactive infographics, stunning designs, and compelling movies all in one spot. Start using Visme right now.

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Summer is almost over, and many of you are gearing up for your first year of college or university. It's not easy to choose a subject; it's like choosing a profession! 📚📆

When you've figured out what you like to do in general and can envision yourself doing it for the next three years! Then that is a possible path for you.💭📝

Advice from a film student Zainab kabia @zainab__kabia
- Always do your research. Watch interviews or speak with people who are currently enrolled in the course you are considering.

- Consider the skills you possess or the experiences you've had that could lead to a profession.

- After studying business in college, I went to SAE University to pursue film production this career chose was chosen because I participated in a media summer programme led by Ideas Foundation and Canon. Film production was a chosen course after the media summer camp mostly because of the experience I acquired from talented filmmakers like Clive @cliveboothphoto who shared their narrative and inspired me to follow in their footsteps.

Here are 3️⃣ more recommendations for selecting a course.🙇‍♀️📖

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Want to learn how to showcase your creative skills to land your dream job or course?

In this short online workshop you’ll learn how to:
✔️ create a LinkedIn profile
🙋keep in touch with creatives
✍️ use your CV to showcase your skills

To sign up for the workshop, click the link in our bio 🔗

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“Our idea took inspiration from United Nation’s sustainable development goals number ten; to reduce inequality with our identity as young British creatives who come from various backgrounds to create an image of power & pride, in both what brings us together and what sets us apart. Our Hair is our Identity. Our Hair is Our Own. Our Hair is our Jewels.

Through merging our identities as young British creatives and the difference we possess, highlighted by the texture of our hair, we wanted to make a statement. The silhouette theme was drawn from the Queen’s profile on the back of British money and used our hair as our crown. We used props like combs and hair picks to demonstrate the time and dedication put into the appearance of different types of hair but also to enhance the respect and care we have for our hair. The expression of each model gives a strong presence, emulating that we are powerful individuals united by our background and the flag under which we are born.



At this year’s @canoneurope @canonuk Creative Media Camp, students had just 4 days to create images and video that celebrate the power of hair - here’s a sneak peak of the amazing campaigns they came up with!

P.S. The exhibition will be running all weekend at @chelseaual

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“Microaggression. This is a subtle display of usually unintentional discrimination against minorities. This has negatively affected black people for generations, and some individuals from our group are recipients of this.

One common form of microaggression is hair touching. Our video effectively demonstrates the effect this has. The model is the central focus with rose petals in her hair which indicates beauty and delicacy. The hands encircling her conveys how invasive touching is which is emphasised by the uncomfortable look plastered on the models face.

Our message is that hair touching not only steals personal space, but it steals voices, dignity, and power. As often we can’t say NO! The hashtag “hands-off” re-claims that power and the title “stealing beauty” perfectly aligns with our main objectives and themes.”


At this year’s @canoneurope @canonuk Creative Media Camp, students had just 4 days to create images and video that celebrate the power of hair - here’s a sneak peak of the amazing campaigns they came up with!

P.S. The exhibition will be running all weekend at @chelseaual

Credits: @shamzii.xvn @eseosa.xx @louisaccwhite @zainab__kabia & Zabryna

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“Our group intended on representing and tackling inequality between the variety of different hair textures, colors, and styles within different races.
For our prints we aimed at creating an editorial-style aesthetic, presenting images of different models with their own unique hair in different sections of the print.
Our video aims to represent the mass population by displaying lots of different hairstyles, showing the contrast between them, emphasizing that people should not be discriminated against based on their hair, “It’s Just Hair”.”


At this year’s @canoneurope @canonuk Creative Media Camp, students had just 4 days to create images and video that celebrate the power of hair - here’s a sneak peak of the amazing campaigns they came up with!

P.S. The exhibition will be running all weekend at @chelseaual

Jason, Alexander, @kjhl1 @reannah_desouza

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You are invited to #ThePowerOfHair exhibition!

Join us on 22nd July to celebrate the work produced at the Canon Creative Media Camp 2021 #CMC2021

The intensive four-day workshop hosted at Chelsea College of Art has given students aged 14-19 the opportunity to build their photography skills and now they are ready to showcase their work

Click the link in our bio for event details and tickets

We look forward to seeing you at Chelsea College of Art! @chelseaual @canoneurope

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Are you an aspiring photographer, videographer or content creator aged 14-19? 📷📹

Join us at our Creative Media Camp with @canonuk next week!

Over a 4 day workshop, you’ll develop skills in idea generation, strategy, production and pitching.

🎟 Link in bio to get your free tickets (there’s only 3 left so act quick!)

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If you love photography or videography and are aged 14-19, join us and @canonuk this summer at our Creative Media Camp where you’ll tackle a brief, produce content and develop your skills over a 4 day workshop!

Check the link in our bio for more info and to get your tickets 🎟

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