“Educating a New Creative Class”

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If you’re ready to inspire your students about life in the creative industries, we’re ready to help. The tools you’ll find here are all firm favourites with the teachers we’ve worked with so far. We hope they’ll help you, too. Please click/tap to download the corresponding resource file:

Creative Persuasion (thumbnail)
Creative Persuasion (Developed with NATE)

Responding, Thinking, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Collaborating in Engli

Creative Thinking Module – Session Guide

Teachers' guide to running Creative Thinking sessions in the classroom, inc

CV and Interview Preparation (cover image)
CV and Interview Preparation

Tips for creating a CV and preparing for an interview, with Hanson Search

Getting a Job in the Creative Industries (thumbnail)
Getting a Job in the Creative Industries

Job searching and career building can be a long road, and the creative indu

#InAdland with adam & eveDDB Creatives (Clarissa and JT)
#InAdland with two adam&eveDDB Creatives

Creative duo Clarissa Dale & John Trainer-Tobin focus on providing solution

Logos Quiz (cover image)
Ideas Foundation Logos Quiz (Questions)

Logos are powerful branding tools. Can you identify all these?

Slogan Quiz (cover image)
Idea Foundation Slogans Quiz

Can you name the brands associated with these slogans?

Guess the Brand (cover image)
Guess the Brand (Colour Schemes) Game

Your task: Match the colour schemes with the brand names listed

Why Creativity is Important (cover image)
Why Creativity is Important

The internet has changed the rules for all types of organisations

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