“Educating a New Creative Class”

Our Team

We’re a small team, spread across London and Manchester. We’ve all worked with young people before, and now you’ll find us working inside creative agencies, where we’re soaking up agency life and culture. It gives us the knowledge and inspiration we need to talk to teachers and students about the creative industry today, and the best ways to break into it.

Heather MacRae (Managing Director)

Heather MacRae
Chief Executive

Heather’s been with us from the start. She shaped our dream into a fully fledged charity. And she’s still our guide: giving us a strong strategy to follow and raising funds. Heather always gets a buzz from connecting people and ideas. She’s won the National Careers Award and the Arthur C Clarke Award for her educational outreach work.

Helen Poole (Creative Programme Manager)

Helen Poole
Creative Programme Manager

Helen lights creative sparks. She works with schools, colleges and brands to get our programmes off the ground. (She says training as a teacher and having worked in recruitment helps.) In her spare time, Helen loves to organise festivals, do yoga and travel.

Benedicta Joppa (Strategic Finance Business Partner)

Benedicta Joppa
Strategic Finance Business Partner

Benedicta is a fully qualified Global Chartered Management Accountant. She has worked in Europe and Africa across various sectors: insurance, civil service, manufacturing, construction, pharmaceutical, media and charity. In her spare time she loves listening music, dancing and travelling.

Anna Forsström Morris (Creative Programme Manager)

Anna Forsström Morris
Creative Programme Manager

Anna has over a decade of experience working in the creative industries, from managing a literature festival to a dance venue and has spent her career supporting young people and communities in getting their ideas off the ground and delivering high impact projects and events. Anna is passionate about access and careers in the creative arts sector. She feels so privileged to be working in the midst of creative ideas and talent, and is inspired by the young people she meets.

Angela Conway (Finance and Admin Manager) [photograph]

Angela Conway
Finance and Admin Manager

Angela is always on the money. She makes sure we pay our bills on time and keep our accountants happy. She also happens to be a fine artist, photographer and film-maker.

Shafia Fiaz (Digital Content Producer)

Shafia Fiaz
Digital Content Producer

Ideas Foundation have supported me from the start and gave me that little push which enabled me to showcase my potential. I attended Manchester College and have taken part in Ideas Foundation programmes with McCann, BBC, Facebook and am now delighted to be able to help the Ideas Foundation inspire other young people to be creative.

Peter Bakare (Lead Tutor) [photograph]

Peter Bakare
Lead Tutor

As an ex team GB volleyball player, motivational speaker and animator, Peter is a towering role model and inspirational mentor. Peter went to school at St Bonaventure’s, the same school in Newham that Matt attended. Peter’s other interests include Nutritroops – a healthy eating programme for primary school children.

Tolu Farinto (Diversity and Inclusion Champion) [photograph]

Tolu Farinto
Diversity and Inclusion Champion

Tolu isn’t afraid to speak up. So it’s great that he represents us on the industry- wide Diversity Task Force. He’s also worked on the Great British Diversity experiment. Like many of our students, Tolu went to school in South London, and helped his brother get into the creative industries at CHI & Partners.

Leonia Goromba

Leonia Goromba
Diversity Champion

Leonia is a former project leader for IF and remains one of our diversity champions. In her spare time she runs a community organisation working with young women and girls in London.

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Rachel Rands

Rachel helps provide secretarial services to Robin Wight and the Ideas Foundation.

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