Creative grads show you their books year after year, but you’re underwhelmed.

Everyone you see comes from the same old mould, with the same background and the same stories to tell. It’s all a bit too…familiar.

Isn’t it time you met someone different?

We’re asking agencies to get a new perspective by opening their doors to our 13-19 year olds.

When you meet them, it’ll probably be the first time they’ve seriously thought about a creative career. Historically, the creative industries haven’t been known for their diversity, so very few of our students know someone with your kind of job. But talk to them and you’ll see they’re full of ideas and opinions. They’ll tell you exactly what they think of your latest campaigns. (Brace yourselves.) They’ll also give you their take on the world. Over 88% of the creatives we’ve worked with say that meeting our students has given them new insights to use in campaigns: insights they’d struggle to find anywhere else.

Get much more than a focus group

When you support our programmes, you don’t just see what makes young people from different backgrounds tick. You’re also a mentor. And an inspiration. It’s your chance to share stories with people who are hungry to learn, and remember why you fell in love with your work in the first place.

Agencies tell us it’s humbling, it’s inspiring and it’s always worthwhile.

Here are four ways you can help us

1. Give your space

We run 2 and 5-day creative camps for 30-40 students inside agencies. Having an inspiring space to work in brings the whole process to life and gives our students a glimpse of a completely different kind of office.

2. Give your time and creativity

During our two-day and five-day creative camps, we ask planners, creatives and other agency people to mentor our students, and judge their final pitches. Your ideas and advice will be invaluable.

3. Give (well, share) your clients

Our projects have most impact when we get our students working on real client challenges. So if you can lend us your creative briefs, we’ll give you plenty of ideas in return.

4. Give your talent

We always need creative help. The better our website looks and the slicker our events, the more we’ll inspire schools, students, brands and agencies to get behind us.[/vc_column_text]So if you’d be willing to write, design or event manage for us, please get in touch.

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