Burberry Inspire Year 3 Launch

Burberry Inspire @ Leeds Playhouse

The Burberry Foundation first launched Burberry Inspire in 2018 in Yorkshire, UK, the first in-school programme of its scope and scale to understand how deep experience of the arts can have a positive effect on young people’s lives.

In Yorkshire, the programme was created in close partnership with the Ideas Foundation, and the impact of the four-year long programme is being studied by researchers from the Policy Institute at King’s College London, examining how cultural and creative education can help young people to overcome challenging circumstances, widen their horizons and realise their aspirations.

As it has expanded to New York, the Creative Arts Team at the City University of New York is supporting the arts partners in coordinating programs across six schools while facilitating professional development workshops for all partners to share best practices and knowledge on arts education. More than 5,500 young people have benefitted from experiences of the creative arts to date across both countries, ranging from dance and theatre to filmmaking and sculpture.

To date, students have presented their work in a dedicated showcase in 2019, and in 2020 they have come together and turned to virtual learning and creative prompts online to continue their lessons, resulting in some world first collaborations from renowned artists, directly inspired by their students.

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