Meet the Ideas Makers: Caspian

Caspian Reynolds, Ideas Maker (photograph)

Each month we profile some of the idea’s makers within the Ideas Foundation community. From young people who have experienced one of our I AM CREATIVE programmes or the first time; to those that have progressed through the Future Creatives programme and now have a career in the creative industry. We want to share their stories and inspire you to become part of a creative community where anyone with ideas is welcome.

Allow us to introduce you to Caspian Reynolds of Mid Kent College; winner of the WorldSkills UK National Graphic Design Competition 2018.

How did you first get involved with Ideas Foundation?

My college tutor Babs Jossi initially introduced me to the WorldSkills UK programme and then I became involved with Ideas Foundation who supported the competition throughout the various stages.

Tell us about your journey with Ideas Foundation.

Each round was a pleasure to be a part of. My journey with Ideas Foundation was surprisingly smooth for such a large competition as there were minimal problems and if a problem occurred, it was instantly overcome. I have also been offered support for my career and progression in the design industry through their Future Creatives scheme. This will hopefully help me to develop my skills further and provide more opportunities for me to gain a career in the creative industries.

How has Ideas Foundation benefitted you?

Throughout the WorldSkills UK competition, Ideas Foundation repeatedly helped not only myself, but everyone equally within the whole process. I benefitted from a greater understanding of the creative industry and social interactions.

What is the most valuable thing about Ideas Foundation for you ?

The most valuable thing Ideas Foundation brought to my attention was the ability to work with a client to complete an extensive brief within a short period of time and the importance of asking appropriate questions to further not only my own insight, but overall understanding of the brief. I learnt how to gain information on the client and how to tailor my designs towards their preferences.

I also learnt how to work under stressful conditions with deadlines, understanding my own ability to creating outcomes and the speed in which I can produce these designs. Speed is key throughout graphic design, obviously whilst maintaining the highest quality in your final work.

How did Ideas Foundation help to inspire you to do what you are doing?

Each round of the competition focused on different areas of design work which would all be extremely useful throughout my destined industry. Ideas Foundation helped reinforce my aspirations as a Graphic Designer, primarily within Advertising and Branding aspects. The whole competition focussed on not only the final outcomes but the thoughts behind each design and encouraged the competitors to think “outside the box”. This is definitely something I will take with me through the rest of my career, which I have only just begun.


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