The Ruth Gorse Academy-
In Year 2 of the Burberry Inspire Project, Leeds Playhouse was partnered with The Ruth Gorse Academy. Even though our time with the school was cut short because of lockdown, we still managed to engage with students through a gospel choir club, dance lessons and a very popular drama club.

To celebrate the achievements of The Ruth Gorse Academy and Co-op Academy in year 2 of the project, we created the film Unfinished Journeys instead of a live runway event.

The Co-op Academy-
Leeds Playhouse was a theatre in residence at Co-op Academy Leeds and The Ruth Gorse Academy when lockdown begun, and students were sent home. Our work with singers, dancers, puppeteers, and the Royal Armouries was all cut short. Using creative writing from English lessons with us, we were able to create this film about identify, ambition and the journeys of their lives. Join us, on our Unfinished Journeys.

Castleford Academy-
Leeds Playhouse kicked off year 3 of Burberry Inspire at Castleford Academy with in person assemblies for all of Key Stage 3. The Artist in Residence has also delivered creativity kits and workshops to students in English, Drama, Core Skills, History, Music and Art.

The Artist in Residence has worked in depth with students in the drama department exploring plays, creating set designs and performing their own devised work.

Writer Adam Hughes also visited the school, so students could act as consultants on a new play ‘East is East and Cas is Cas. We can’t wait to bring this production into school in July 2021, so students can see their ideas brought to life.

Airedale Academy-
For year 3 of Burberry Inspire, Leeds Playhouse was partnered with Airedale Academy. Students have received creativity kits and activities to complete at home, as well as video content, and resources to help promote good mental health and wellbeing.

We look forward to bringing our brand new production ‘East is East and Cas is Cas’ by Adam Hughes into school for students to see in July 2021. This play was written for and with students from Airedale Academy and Castleford Academy, drawing on their real life experiences and feelings about the place they are from.

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