About Leeds Young Film

Leeds Young Film creates and sustains opportunities for young people of all ages to develop their creativity and education through the exploration of the moving image and interactive arts, through greater access to international film culture, the experience of filmmaking, career development and showcasing.

Since 1999, we have engaged over 200,000 children and young people through a range of projects and programmes with partners including Into Film, Burberry and the British Film Institute. We also run the UK’s largest family film event Leeds Young Film Festival (LYFF) and the North’s largest event of its kind for young filmmakers, Independent Directions Film Festival (The INDIs).


The ‘Introduction to filmmaking’ resources were created as part of a Creativity Kit that was given to students taking part in the Burberry Inspire project. If you’d like to use these resources the following equipment is required: Tripod, Selfie Stick, Story prompts, Storyboard notebook and pencil/pen.

If you’d like to share your work with us, please share using #BurberryInspire.

Industry Voices

Leeds Young Film recommends Industry Voices (2021), a series of 12 short films, exploring lived experiences of working in film, television and the games industry in the UK. Focusing on inequality and hope, the series explores the testimonies of 11 industry professionals who discuss how their identity (class, race, gender, disability and regional location - often intersectional) has impacted on their opportunities to work and progress in their chosen careers. The series also explores how the industry can and must change to create a more equitable, inclusive and exciting future. Powerful, honest and at times humorous, these films show how speaking out can educate and inspire shifts for a sustainable, fairer, future.

Industry Voices (video thumbnails)

View the films online here: https://candour.tv/films/industry-voices

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