Burberry Inspire: Years 1 and 2

All Reel Works courses are taught by a filmmaker/teaching artist and a student teaching artist. To engage students during remote learning, Reel Works is offering a catalogue of online after school courses including:

Experimental Filmmaking - where students view experimental films from international filmmakers and create their own experimental short film.

Documentary Filmmaking - where students view short documentaries and create their own short documentary.

Editing with WeVideo - where students learn the fundamentals of film editing, and showcase their editing style.

During these workshops students are provided with a tripod, a microphone, and editing software so they can also learn to:

  1. Use a smartphone like a professional camera
  2. Use natural light in creative ways
  3. Tell an interesting story
  4. Make their shots more cinematic
  5. Make their sound more professional

In addition to our production courses, students are able to take film appreciation courses where they explore topics tied to identity through the lens of cinema. These include:

Appreciation of Black Women in Filmmaking - where we highlight the accomplishments of women of color in filmmaking. From Ava DuVernay’s hard hitting documentaries to Isa Rae’s quirky comedies, students screen films and discuss the impact they are having now.

LGBTQ representation in cinema - where students learn a brief history of the LGBTQ movement in the U.S., terms people use to identify themselves, and how the depiction of the LGBTQ community in cinema has changed over time.

We have also created spaces where students can engage in therapeutic practices like:

The Art of Comedy - where students explore what makes something funny. They watch comedy clips and learn more about what makes us laugh. In it they build community and perhaps find a place of catharsis.

Flipbook Animation - where students learn the fundamentals of animation by creating their own flip book. We provide them with materials and our instructor walks them through the process.

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