Schools and colleges from across the country – Cumbria, North Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Somerset, London, Leeds and Manchester have taken part. Students took part in a range of digital storytelling workshops – working alongside leading photographers such as Canon Ambassador Clive Booth, Canon volunteers Dean Hodgson and Martin Diamond and supported by Peter Thomas from the National Association for the Teaching of English. Students were offered the opportunity to create images using Canon kit. The projects empowered young people to come up with posters showing how they can celebrate kindness in their communities.

The most celebrated ideas:

  • #HoppyAnniversary - Solway Community School (Cumbria)
  • #CrowningCareers - Amos Bursary Trust (London)
  • #NationOfHope - The Manchester College (Manchester)
  • #FriendshipIsKingQueen - Bridgwater College Academy (Somerset)
  • #CelebrateTheCrown - Graham School (North Yorkshire)
  • #ARoyalToast - Beacon Hill School (Cumbria)
  • #JubileeRhapsody - The Whitehaven Academy (Cumbria)
  • #Communi-tea - Eskdale School (Whitby, North Yorkshire)
  • #WaveOfLove - Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Derbyshire)
  • #RoyalColouringBook - Solway School (Cumbria)
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