“It always amazes me that whenever I share my ideas with young people, I’m the one who learns the most.”

Clive Booth, Canon Ambassador

What IF nasty words left a physical mark?

Abuse doesn’t have to mean punches and kicks. In one of our five-day creative camps with Canon, a group of students looked at how things people say affects teenage girls. This is the story of their pitch-winning film, and our story so far with Canon.

What’s your story?

The team found their inspiration when Canon gave them this brief:

Tell us a story about:

  • an experience in your home city that inspires you
  • someone who has affected your life in a positive way
  • something that annoys you and you wish you could put it right

Canon were after ideas to fit their campaign at the time, called Come and See (which is all about using your camera to capture stories).

The students could tell their stories any way they liked – as films, as a photo series, as a piece of mixed media, or as a piece of art they create and snap. And they had top-notch Canon cameras to help them do it.

Our agency partners from VCCP and Canon ambassadors were on hand to mentor them, help them brainstorm their ideas and turn them into real campaigns.

Our story with Canon

This is just one of many briefs Canon have set us. So far, they’ve challenged students at events hosted by the University of East London, South Essex College, University of Arts London and the Amos Bursary Trust. Sustainability is the thread that runs through all their projects, whether they’re looking at sustainable cities, education, health, or even protecting our oceans.

How would you tell your story in pictures?

Here are some pointers from Canon.

To choose the perfect pictures, ask yourself these questions:

  • Why do you or your friends share images?
  • Which images that other people have shared have inspired you most?
  • What makes an image inspirational?
  • How do you tell a story so your friends want to share it?

And if you’d like some inspiration, we love all the different doodles on Draw My Life.

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