Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

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Digital storytelling in the classroom

Using Adobe Spark to engage students

No matter what the subject being taught, teachers are often called upon to become storytellers in the classroom. Whether it’s the story of Henry VII or the story of how a volcano erupts, there is a narrative to be shared, and the success of a lesson can depend on how engaging that story is for the students. So how can teachers improve their storytelling skills? Introducing… Adobe Spark! It’s a digital storytelling application and presentation tool, and it’s completely free.

Adobe Spark Video lets you create slide-based videos using images, icons and moving images. You can also easily add narration over your finished story. It can be used on smartphone, tablet and PC so can save you time as well as unlock your creativity when making resources for the classroom.

Get started using the links below – you’ll find lots of examples of how others have used Adobe Spark to engage and excite their students with compelling storytelling. Plus, students can use Adobe Spark for free as well!

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