Together Against Hate

How can we tackle and ultimately, eradicate online hate?

We visited 4 schools and colleges with Nationwide and VCCP creative agency to find an idea that would help Nationwide’s ‘Together Against Hate’ campaign appeal to young people. Students from London, Manchester and Swindon took part in workshops where they were tasked with finding a way to make online hate socially unacceptable amongst their peers.

And their ideas didn’t disappoint! The winning idea was a campaign called ‘In Their Shoes’ which featured a 30 second TV advert involving a brother who didn’t realise the person he was sending hate speech to online was his sister. And a shopping centre experience where people would be able to ‘step into’ victim’s shoes and hear their stories in a pop up booth.

What next? The winning team have been invited to Nationwide HQ in Swindon to pitch their ideas to the Marketing team!

‘It’s been an amazing experience working on the project, I wish we did things like this more often to help us with our future career choices!’
Venus, Manchester College.

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