Smarter fashion

What if the clothes you wear could do more than just look good?

This was the question posed to the 300 students taking part in Burberry and the Ideas Foundation’s challenge during National Careers Week 2020.

Hidden message is revealed using UV light.

Working with Durham University’s Dr Lorraine Coghill, the students from Graham School, Caedmon College, Eskdale School and George Pindar School, explored and experimented with a range of materials that do much more than they appear to.  From bright light-up dresses with printed electronic screens, through to clothing that actually self-cleans, and even a wedding dress made of dissolving material (after all, you only wear it once!?). And what about clothes that change colour or reveal ‘hidden’ patterns when exposed to light? Although the students all agreed that sports gear that changes colour with body temperature might not be such a good idea for PE lessons!

These materials provided inspiration for the students’ creativity and imaginations as they designed and made their fashions in just a few hours, guided by the Ideas Foundation team and supported by Teesside University students.

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