“Nurturing a New Creative Class”
Ideas in Action
Jun 15
Naomi Desalegne, Trustee (photograph)

Meet the Ideas Makers: Naomi

Meet the Ideas Makers

Each month we profile some of the idea’s makers within the Ideas Foundation community.
From young people who have experienced one of our I AM CREATIVE programmes for the
first time; to those that have progressed through the Future Creatives programme and now
have a career in the creative industry.

We want to share their stories and inspire you to become part of a creative community
where anyone with ideas is welcome.

Allow us to introduce you to Naomi Desalegene; Ideas Foundation alumni and now a designer at the agency Dare and a Trustee of the Ideas Foundation.

Naomi speaking at our House of Lords event in May 2018.

How did you first get involved with Ideas Foundation?

When I was in year 10 I found out about an Ideas Foundation Creativity Scholarship through
my Graphic Design teacher and I applied. I was successful and achieved a two-week work
experience placement. In the first week we deigned a souvenir for the Design Museum and
in the second week I had the opportunity to work at RWD magazine.

Tell us about your journey with Ideas Foundation.

Shortly after the Creativity Scholarship I took part in a Creative Media Camp that Ideas
Foundation were leading. We had the opportunity to work on a live brief for Global Hand
Washing Day. After this experience, I showed more interest in activities the charity was
conducting to support young creatives and I was fortunate enough to be selected as a
Creative Scholar and be a youth representation on the Trustee Board. Since then I have
mentored and assisted on several of the I AM CREATIVE programmes, and I even had the
opportunity to speak at an Ideas Foundation event at Downing Street.

How has Ideas Foundation benefitted you?

Ideas Foundation has helped me understand that a creative interest can be transformed into
a successful career with a lot of hard work! The organisation has given me access to real life
industry environments to get a real sense of how the creative industries operate.

How has Ideas Foundation helped you with industry contacts?

As a Creative Scholar I was able to visit various agencies around London, meet agency
employees and get to know what they do. I’ve also had the opportunity to attend many
networking events.

How has your experience with Ideas Foundation helped you with your current role?

One of the agencies I got to meet as a Creative Scholar was Dare. I listened to their
Experience Planning Director speak and his talk really interested me. I spoke to him more at
the end of the event and had the opportunity to visit Dare on another day, this time with my
portfolio. I initially received a 2-week work placement, that then turned into a full-time job.
I’m still there over 3 years later! If it wasn’t for IF, I would not have made that connection.
It is also worth saying that the first work experience I did with IF (the one where we
designed a souvenir for the Design Museum) was at London College of Communication, UAL.
I later on went to University there to study Graphic Design. I had never heard of that
University before that experience with Ideas Foundation, so they have been with me every
step of the way.

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