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#IamAnEngineer (composite imagery)

Thanks to the Royal Academy of Engineering

Thanks to the Royal Academy of Engineering we have produced a series of portraits that show engineering as a career which values diversity and creativity. These captivating portraits created during World Space Week using the British Interplanetary Society, as a base.

The portraits highlight the engineers' professional expertise but also the hobbies and interests that have fuelled their personal and career journeys.

The images can be downloaded here

#IamAnEngineer (composite imagery)

At the heart of this transformative workshop were two acclaimed photographers, Michael Cockerham and Clive Booth. Their lenses captured the essence of engineering's rich diversity. Shafia Fiaz, creative content producer for Ideas Foundation gave insights and tips on how the stories could be shared more widely on social media. The images and stories brought to life that engineers can emerge from all walks of life, regardless of age, sex or background.

An essential element of the workshop was the participation of role models from various engineering disciplines. These professionals generously shared their insights, providing participants with a panoramic view of the possibilities within the engineering landscape.

The images that emerged from the event were transformed into both digital and print posters and have been disseminated among educators across the UK. By showcasing the vibrant interplay of creativity and engineering, these posters aim to inspire young minds, encouraging them to explore the possibilities within the world of engineering.

The ripple effect of the "Engineer the Story" workshop extended to the participants themselves. A number of students who were part of the workshop were so profoundly inspired that they embarked on their own storytelling journeys. One participant, shared her image and story with the BBC as part of the Ada Lovelace Day events. Bukunmi has helped use her storytelling skills and the confidence from her experiences at Farnborough to join the advisory board position with the Mission 44 initiative.

The event and the images told the story that engineers are diverse and dynamic - providing inspiration to each other and new generations.

The images can be downloaded here.

A further storytelling workshop hosted by Queen Mary University of London was offered in November 2023 to 400 undergraduate students featuring Dallas Campbell, Yash Kumar and Lydia Thornley.


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