The importance of English as a subject

Studying for a PGCE can be tough, especially mid-way when teacher trainees can start to tire and
feel disillusioned. We wanted to help re-inspire them and remind them that English is worth so much
more to pupils than an exam grade.

So, we sent Peter from the National Association of Teachers, and Terrie, a creative professional with
10 year+ hands–on experience to deliver the first workshop of its kind to a group of trainee teachers
at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln. The workshop was based around the importance of Key
Stage 3 and how useful the subject is for so many roles in the creative industry.

What was the result? Here’s what one of the students had to say!

The workshop helped us understand that the subject does not always have to be so technical, not at
this early stage in a child’s education, and that we can promote reading and writing, analysis and
evaluation, discussion and communication, through methods that are far more interesting and
exciting than those we may have been used to during our time in secondary education. Though there
may be limits placed upon us now as trainee teachers, we all feel determined to break free of these
once we enter our own classrooms, and to not only teach students about English, but to teach them
to love English as well.

Thank you to Jessica Barker for sharing her thoughts on the workshop and Dr Clare Lawrence,
subject lead for PGCE English at Bishop Grosseteste for inviting us.
Many of the resources used in the workshop can be found on the Ideas foundation website here:

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